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Cotton Clothing Labels

Labels work best to promote your brand name and keep your customers informed about your brand story. It creates a special bond with the customers. But it can lose the spark if clothing is missing woven cotton labels. Now, no more! WovenLabelCa brings you the best quality custom-printed cotton labels to give your garment remarkable final touch.

Ultra Quick Shipping
Ultra-Quick Shipping

If you are looking for a quick label manufacturer, then we can be your ideal choice.

No Set Up Charges
No Set-Up Charges

You will get design mock-ups for free as there are no extra charges for them.

Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support

We are always here to offer the support that you need throughout the project.

Great Striking Printed Cotton Labels - Made Here!

While shopping, when you fall in love with any apparel, you always check out their labels. That's because it gives more details about the brand and, in some cases, its back story. On the one hand, fabric care and cotton size labels are mandatory for any garment to keep track of each article. However, with advancements in fashion, brands are utilizing the label to create a killing promotional piece. From Calgary to Ottawa, you'll find clothing with quirky and sweet labels doing its job silently. It's time you bring your clothing brand into competition with cotton labels in Canada. With our luxury custom-made cotton fabric labels, your clothing will make your brand identity more powerful.

Our cotton labels for clothing are all customized with the design you like. Super economical, low prices and no minimum order make it a lucrative deal. Give your clothing that instant spark with labels that grabs attention and connect your brand with your customer. All done with our cute and quirky cotton sew-on labels.

  • Custom cotton labels enter you into the eco-friendly sphere.
  • Our cotton labels are super soft with high-quality printing.
  • Custom labels stay brand new even after 50-60+ washes.
  • Avail lucrative discounts when ordering in bulk quantity.
  • Every label passes a tough quality test before we deliver.
  • Customize your label with no limitation on design & name.
  • No digging your wallet because we offer affordable labels.
  • Fastest delivery time of around 12-20 days across Canada.
  • Choose any font, colour and size because sky is the limit.
  • Save some extra with occasional discounts like Christmas.
  • You don't get many color options but we'll find a way out.
  • Custom labels cost more but we'll keep it in your budget.
  • Shading isn't possible on labels but we print almost anything.

CA's Brands We Have Catered In The Past

Weaving your custom cotton labels for unique cuts & folds

We love giving your apparel a final touch with classic custom labels. Since we offer customization, you're not bound to one design. Share the design you have in mind, or let our designer put something creative on the table. Build a strong brand presence by experimenting with different styles, types and folds.

End Fold - Left & Right

End Fold - Left & Right

End Fold - Top & Bottom

End Fold - Top & Bottom

Center Folded (Horizontal)

Center Folded (Horizontal)

Center Folded (Vertical)

Center Folded (Vertical)

Book Cover Fold

Book Cover Fold

Straight Cut - No Fold

Straight Cut - No Fold

Mitre Loop Fold

Mitre Loop Fold

Reversed Mitre Fold

Reversed Mitre Fold

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Clothing Line Deserves Cotton Sew-In Labels

Whatever brand you shop for, you always find fabric labels on it. Those cotton sew-in labels are there for a reason.

Not only it serves the purpose of educating people about the brand name, but it is also used to guide them on how to keep their clothing brand new. But that's not it. Marketers had a light bulb moment when they realized they could use custom labels for a much bigger purpose.

Designers have started to personalize these labels so they can be used to promote the brand. That's exactly where we help you out. We aim to build an impactful bond between your brand and customer with affordable, soft, unique and cheerful personalized fabric labels!

Custom Name Labels At Irresistible Prices

Are you a designer or an entrepreneur diving into the business of clothing? Starting a clothing line isn't a piece of cake. But building a brand demands much more effort. Whether it's a clothing line or a home linen business, owners put all their effort into design and quality. Keeping their nose in the air, they think fabric tags are useless. That's why they go for the lowest-priced option, and that's a big mistake. Compromised quality, fraying and no personalization can impact your sales. How about getting excellent quality but at wholesale prices in the quantity of your choice? Yes, you heard it right. We offer the most low-cost prices in Toronto and all across Canada.

Our prices are affordable, so getting your brand a bunch of labels won't suck the life out of your wallet. Our packages offer the most value at extremely reasonable prices. The cherry on top, some of our labels are for sale at discounted prices. Giving your clothing a cotton fabric personalization will be within your budget!

QuantityUnit PriceTotal
25 pcsC$ 5.8 EachC$ 145 Total
50 pcsC$ 3.9 EachC$ 195 Total
100 pcsC$ 2.7 EachC$ 270 Total
200 pcsC$ 1.6 EachC$ 320 Total
300 pcsC$ 1.4 EachC$ 430 Total
500 pcsC$ 1.2 EachC$ 610 Total
1000 pcsC$ 0.8 EachC$ 800 Total
2000 pcsC$ 0.4 EachC$ 990 Total
3000 pcsC$ 0.5 EachC$ 1550 Total
4000 pcsC$ 0.3 EachC$ 1835 Total
5000 pcsC$ 0.4 EachC$ 2000 Total

Sneak Into Our CA's Rousing Cotton Sewing Labels Gallery

Cotton Labels
Cotton Labels
Cotton Labels
Cotton Labels
Cotton Labels
Cotton Labels
Cotton Labels
Cotton Labels

Canada's Custom Cotton Labels Have Helped 4000+ Clothing Brands!

Regardless of the size of your business, we put our souls into the custom cotton label to help your business get more customer attention and a stronger, long-lasting bond.

Bessie Knight

I have a small clothing business for which I needed to invest in the custom cotton label. I heard about their quality service, so I placed the order. Trust me, the quality of the labels was excellent. They were exactly how I wanted. Moreover, the prices were super affordable. I'm more than happy to see my labels this good.

Bessie Knight
Jana Fowler

They are amazing! I just received my order, and to my surprise, the quality is extraordinary at the price I paid. My cotton quilt labels are bright and clean, with printing that seems solid. Not just the quality, but the shipping was fast too. They delivered it right to my doorstep in Vancouver. I vouch for their custom cotton labels.

Jana Fowler
Elmer Watson

I ordered their labels in minimum quantity for my small business because I was skeptical about the quality. But they surprised me with their printed cotton labels. The print was spot on. They added a little personalized note on the label too. Precisely, the labels turned out great. I'm surely going to order more from them.

Elmer Watson
Kimberly Bridges

It's my third time shopping for woven cotton labels. My customers have loved their personalized labels. It helped me build a better brand and give my customers a better experience. They always keep their quality intact. On top, their affordable prices always make me come back here to order some more.

Kimberly Bridges

Weaving An Eco-Friendly World With Strong Custom Cotton Labels!

We want to keep this world happy and contribute towards a better environment with our sustainable and eco-friendly cotton labels. Our labels are made with care and sustainable cotton with low-impact dyes to make this Earth cheerful!

Some Of Your Concerns Are Already Addressed!

Are you still skeptical about our custom cotton label? Go through our FAQ sections and get most of your concerns sorted. Yes, we are sure because these are the most asked questions!

Where Can I Use My Custom Cotton Labels ?

Every piece is customized and made with perfection, so we can jazz up your products. Our cotton labels can be used for many projects. Here's a list of products on which you can add labels to communicate with your customers:

  • Apparel and garments
  • Home Linen & Towels
  • Bags & Pouches
  • And much more

Can You Add Text & Symbols In My Custom Label ?

Absolutely! Since you're going for custom labels, the possibilities are endless. You can easily add any text or symbol to your cotton label. Whether it's your company logo that you want or an emblem related to your brand, you can get it on your cotton label with the color, quantity and sizes of your preference.

We collect some order details and information to ensure we have all the information. Your journey starts with the selection of the background color of the label. You will be asked to choose the frame. Next is your text - whatever brand message you have, you can add to your label. It's that simple.

The process doesn't end here. It's our time to finalize the artwork for your custom label. Your sample will be ready within 24 hours so you can approve it. If you're unsatisfied, we will offer you free revision. On your green signal, we will begin the manufacturing process while you relax because it will reach your doorstep.

Give Voice To Your Garments With Our Cotton Sew-On Labels

Already have a design in mind? Let's just make it happen!

What Is The Minimum Unit For Woven Cotton Labels ?

We have good news for you. We don't have any minimum quantity for custom cotton labels. However, we prefer our customers order the standard quantity, 100 pieces order. The prices are for 100 pieces, so your final charges can vary.

Since it's customization, you are suggested to exceed your quantity to 100. Because for every order below 100, you will be charged a little extra. But don't worry; we're never out of budget. Our charges are affordable, so you can experience the best labels.

Is Your Custom Sew-On Label The Best In Canada ?

Yes! Our custom cotton labels are the best in Canada. We produce hundreds of quality labels for our customers regardless of the business size. Whatever text you have in mind or any logo you want on your label, we do it quickly. You can even customize the frames, styles, colors to make your label as you want.

Don't forget; our prices are the most reasonable. Even for custom orders, our prices are highly affordable, and you'll never find such prices in Montreal or Edmonton. If you want to save more, you can always go for our packages, which are curated to offer you the most value. Precisely, you will get the best quality at the most affordable prices.

Moreover, we offer the best turnaround time. You will get your online order within 2-3 weeks, which is the best you can get in Canada. However, the delivery time varies depending on quantity, complexity and other customization. All this proves that we are the best in Canada's landscape and aim to serve more in the coming years.