How To Apply Iron On Labels On Clothes | Tips And Techniques

If you are looking for ways to apply iron-on labels on your clothes, then we have some tips for you to apply them precisely.

These are the trickier labels and demand your full focus. However, they are a kind of instant fashion accessory and can be applied within minutes.

Also, they are awesome and make your outfits personalized and appealing. They are a perfect choice to add meaning and recognition to the dresses you want to wear.

So, don’t wait further; let’s dig into the ways for its application and turn your outfits full of glam!

Some Useful Practices To Apply Iron-On Labels To Your Dresses

Tip#1: Don’t Forget To Read Instructions

Whether in school or not, reading is part of life. Not to be more satirical, we only meant that it is important to read the instructions of your fabric or outfits to apply iron-on labels because not every fabric is recommended for these types of clothing labels.

Also, this tip does not go for fabric type only but label as well. It is better to read all guidelines because this will help you avoid hazards like burning the garment, etc. The most important thing here to note is to make a habit of reading precautions for everything you use and apply.

Tip#2: Avoid Steam

As you know, things are moving towards advancement these days. You will find everything upgraded from needle to refrigerator. The same is the case with the iron. For iron-on labels, you have to turn off the steam of your iron first. What happens is that people at the time of application forget that they possess steam irons and apply the labels as they are, which results in the burning of the labels and causes damage to the dress you want to wear.

Though it is the very simplest thing to mention, it is essential to consider as nobody would like to bear the loss, especially of their valuable clothing item, isn’t it?

Tip#3: Set The Position Carefully

The next tip is to set the position of your labels on the piece of clothing. This is an essential step because if it is done in the wrong way, then it will ruin the look of your dress. Also, it is always best to check all the different positions where you can set your labels because it helps you avoid any errors when applying them.

Moreover, this step is crucial and needs your careful consideration because it gives your clothing a whole new appearance. Further, if you want to add an extra touch to your outfits, then you could try woven labels Canada as well to revamp your dresses pleasantly.

Tip#4: Use Safety Material

Most fashionistas are not aware of the safety materials that can be utilized with iron-on labels to protect their clothing. These materials not only prevent any damage but also make the procedure more secure and sound.

By using them, you ensure the safety of your clothes as well. The material includes silicone paper, which is very important and famous and guarantees that labels remain in their actual forms. This helps in avoiding the melting of labels.

What you have to do is – simply put the silicone paper over the top, place the iron on it and don’t move it unnecessarily or else it will disturb the position.

Tip#5: Set The Temperature

Setting the temperature of your iron is also a pro tip because if you set the temperature low, you will eventually not get your iron-on labels fixed. So, make sure to set the temperature of the iron hot enough that it helps melt the glue on the back of your iron-on labels and attach it instantly to your clothing.

Otherwise, the process becomes tedious, and your labels do not get attached to the dress as they lose their application properties. Also, this will cost you nothing except your time and money.

Tip#6: Focus On Time

You know iron-on labels for clothing require a particular time for its attachment. You cannot get them fixed until you take care of the time. For instance, if you have placed your iron over the labels for about five to eight seconds and remove it after that, then it is too early. This will do nothing to the glue at the back of your labels. It will remain unmelted or won’t be melted enough to stick properly.

Hence, it is good to keep a watch on the time and follow the guidelines and recommended time for label attachment. Further, it is best to set the timer before placing your iron over the label.

Tip#7: Check The End Product

Finally, the easiest yet neglected part of the application process is not checking thoroughly the end product. You would think, who does that? And the answer is everyone who is in a hurry.

The purpose of mentioning it separately is because what happens in most cases is that people check the label attachment only when it’s hot and don’t even bother to see it after it gets on to room temperature or gets cold.

Sometimes your label gets removed after cooling, and you don’t even realize it. Thus, it is advisable to check the product at both temperatures.


Do iron-on clothing labels remain for a long time or not?

Yes, iron-on labels remain on your clothing for a long time if applied properly. Otherwise, it loses its application properties and gets removed.

What is the recommended temperature to apply iron-on labels?

The recommended temperature to apply iron-on labels lies between 130 – 170 degrees. Also, it is recommended to use safety materials like silicone paper to avoid hazards.

How do you make iron-on labels last long?

You can make your iron-on labels durable by sewing them on. This will increase their longevity and help them endure machine wash.

Are iron-on labels permanent or temporary?

The iron-on labels come in both categories. They are permanent as well as temporary. The only difference is their backing, which defines their type.

Wrap Up!

Well, wrapping it up! Iron-on labels are of great use and never leave a chance to impress fashionistas. Whether you want to sort something or make outfits recognizable, these are the perfect and simplest choices. Also, they are quite helpful in fixing the little holes or damage on your old and new clothes to give them a unique touch. Further, there is no need to get depressed; just purchase safety material like silicone paper and get your labels attached instantly.

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