All You Need To Know About Laundry Safe Clothing Labels

Who likes to wear garments with scratchy labels that wear off right after the first wash? Eek, no one!

This establishes one thing – nobody likes to have delicate labels on their garments, right? So, why don’t we get familiar with the clothing labels that are machine-friendly? We think it would be a nice idea!

So, bid farewell to your worries about choosing the wrong type of label for your clothing brand and read below. By the end of this blog, we assure you that you will be acquainted with the best labels for your laundry-safe clothing.

Grab a pen and notebook, and let us get started!

Laundry Safe Clothing Labels By Wovenlabels.Ca

You are all set to launch new merchandise that you have been promoting. Hold up! There is something missing. Hmm! The stitching seems on point. The quality is top-notch, too. And, the labels… where are the clothing labels Canada, dum-dum?

Don’t you know that your branding will be as good as half-pie without a custom-woven label? But worry not! is right there to rescue you. So, give your garments a fantastic finishing touch by adding laundry-safe labels to them. Read below to find out more about this matter.

Leather Labels

Leather labels are mainly attached to the back of the jean’s waist. These labels are laundry-safe and look very dope on bags, hats, shoes, outerwear, and much more. Such labels add a touch of classiness and luxury to any item of clothing. So, if your clothing brand is a big mark, then without any doubt, these label types would be the best for you to use on your merchandise.

PVC Rubber Labels

Another great option that you have, besides leather ones, is the PVC rubber labels. This option is comparatively less pricey than the previously mentioned category. These look ravishing on hats, scarves decoration, clothes, shoes, gloves, bags, key chains, luggage tags, and basically everything.

Woven Labels

Speaking of laundry-safe clothing labels, how can we leave woven labels behind? There is absolutely no way! They are garment labels woven intricately on a loom. These labels are high-end and durable, having neat lines and a soft hand feeling. Thus making them perfect for expressing patterns, wash symbols, logos, size, or any other important detail. You can get three types of woven labels from These types are discussed below:

1. Damask Woven Labels

    It is the most widely used woven label material. Polyester is used to make this type, and most of the time, these labels contain even 100 percent polyester. A lot of thread is used to make them. The tiny details on these add-ons look so obvious. No matter how small your pattern is, this type of woven label will guarantee to make it legible.

    Needless to say, designs are easiest to identify on the Damask Woven Labels. Therefore, if you need to fit a lot of information on your tiny label, then these might be your best bet. Each and everything about these labels is of the best quality. The most fascinating thing about them is that they are durable yet soft at the same time.

    2. Satin Woven Labels

    Similar to the other types of woven labels, these types are also made up of polyester threads. They shine, and they are extremely soft. Therefore, if your clothing brand has soft items, then opting for this type of label material might be the best thing you can do for your brand. Satin woven labels are widely used to make baby clothes as it is an ideal fabric for sensitive skin. Due to these characteristics, these labels are considered luxury woven labels.

    3. Taffeta Woven Labels

    If you are willing to give your label design a perfect background, then employ the use of taffeta woven labels. Trust us! You won’t be disappointed. The best part? These woven label types are quite cheap and even cost next to nothing compared to the label types mentioned above. If you are on a budget, then these labels will be your holy grail. Ask the service providers from for various customization options prior to confirming your order.

    The Perks Laundry Safe Clothing Labels Offer

    We know that you must be wondering why adding these custom printed labels is such a big deal. Let us tell you that when you attach a label to your product, you do yourself a favor. But how? These labels are not mere pieces of fabric; rather, they offer many benefits, too. Let us take a glance at what perks you can get by attaching laundry-safe labels on your garments.

    Share Details About The Material

    The description of the material is extremely crucial to know prior to buying a product. Imagine this – you have sensitive skin that is prone to allergies. Oh-no! You better be careful of what fabrics you wear. Now, while shopping, you come across an elegant outfit, but it has no label for you to examine the details. You yield in front of your heart and buy that article of clothing anyway.  

    Upon wearing it, you develop severe skin rashes. Yikes! It turns out that the dress was made of nylon or rayon material. What a perfect waste of money! Only if a clothing label was present on the dress could you have avoided this entire nuisance. So, you see! This is the importance of a laundry-safe clothing label.

    Clothing Labels Show How To Take Care

    Proper dry-cleaning and laundry care are vital for any item of clothing. If not looked after properly, some garments might become worn out way before time. To understand how to look after each dress properly, follow the care instructions presented on the clothing label. For instance, cotton can be washed in the machine, while it is not recommended at all to wash any delicate fabric, such as velvet, silk, etc., in the machine.

    Different fabrics need different cleaning methods, which might include dry cleaning or machine washing. It depends on what is listed on the woven label. Everyone must know how to read their woven labels CA before washing them or wearing them. If this information is not present, people will tend to damage their items of clothing.


    Woven labels must offer basic information about the item of clothing. This information can include the details about the brand. Thus, offers a great opportunity for the designers to promote their brands. Your clothing label is more than a mere place to add technical information; rather, we suggest you use it as an opportunity for your brand to express its true identity through promoting and marketing your numerous product lines.

    These labels can be used to give a message about your company’s sustainability policy or describe the eco-friendly manufacturing methods used in the garment. A lot of brands use these labels to make statements about themselves, whether holiday wishes or funny jokes.

    Summing It All Up!

    And that is it! By reading the information given above, you are well aware of the types of clothing labels that are safe to put in the laundry. Moreover, you also know the perks you can get by attaching these woven labels to your items of clothing. So, what are you waiting for?

    Contact the best clothing manufacturers in Canada by visiting this link: These service providers will do their best to tailor first-rate quality custom labels for your brand. This is not it. These experts offer reasonable charges and demand no setup charges from their clients. It means that you can get design mock-ups for your clothing labels for free. Isn’t that great? Sure it is! Give them a buzz right now!

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