The Right Font Size: Ensure Perfection In Clothing Labels

What is more difficult than finding the right font for your custom clothing labels? Let us tell you! The most daunting part is to choose the accurate font size. Eh! We have absolutely no idea how to choose the right font size for our labels, haven’t we?

To be frank, it can get really frustrating and time-consuming to estimate the right size, and it ends up looking too small or too big for our woven Labels Canada. Oh, how we wish there was a hack to know the right font size!

Say no more!

In this guide, we will spill some expert tips and tricks to help you select the right font type and size. By the end of this blog, you will be able to choose a single font type from thousands and thousands of different types of fonts. Yay!

So, let us begin!

Find Your Font: Tips To Choose The Perfect Font Type & Size For Clothing Labels

Your clothing labels are more than mere words. Rather, the font colour, size, and style make a huge statement. These factors help to create an emotional connection, establish a style, and express your mood in front of your buyer. But how to choose the right font style and size? Read below to find out!

How to Choose the Right Font Style

First off, you need to understand the personality of your brand. It is not only what you say. Rather, it is how you say it, too; remember this lesson? Choosing the right fonts speaks volumes about your products and brand, so choose wisely. It is something that you would want to get perfectly from the beginning because, come on! You would never get a second chance to make a first impression, would you?

We agree that searching for the right font feels no less than a minefield. There are countless fonts to choose from. Here are a few considerations that we want you to keep in mind while you search for the right piece of the puzzle.

Your Brand Persona

    When finding the right fit, we urge you to take some time out to think about your brand identity and persona. You need to have a clear idea about what your brand stands for.

    Is it something sporty, sophisticated, eco-friendly, fun? Judge your brand’s persona critically. For example, if your brand deals with high-end cosmetic products, then its persona must mirror beauty and luxury. In this scenario, it would be best to opt for an elegant font.

    For beverages and organic food labels, using neat fonts might be your best bet, as they would represent cleanliness and simplicity. However, for moreish food, opt for something a bit loud and vibrant.

    Your Audience

    Now that you are aware of the importance of brand persona in determining the font style, there is one thing more that you must pay attention to. It is your audience! Researching your audience will give you a better idea of which font you should choose.

    For instance, if you have a mature and sophisticated audience, then using elegant and minimal fonts on your iron on labels might help you draw their attention. However, if your brand caters to kids, then using fun, swirly, or bubbly fonts might be your best bet.

    After narrowing down your demographics, it would become as easy as ABC for you to put your finger on one font style. However, there is one major thing left to consider. Read on to find out about it!

    The Font Size | What Is The Best Font Size For Clothing Labels?

    The font size! That is right! To make it easier for your audience to read your labels, do not choose a smaller font size. However, don’t opt for a large size, too, as it will crowd your label design. Yikes! So, as a general rule, it must not be smaller than size 5. We have discussed this factor in detail below because choosing the right font size is as important as choosing the font style. So, continue reading! 

    The “X Factor”

    Psst! How about we tell you the deepest, darkest secret that will enable you to choose the perfect font size every time? Righty-ho! All you have to do is train your eyes a bit, and you will be a cut above everyone else who is unaware of this factor. Spoiler alert! It is the “x factor” or “x height”!

    In simpler terms, it refers to the space that lies between the top of the lower case and the baseline that letters rest upon x and the mid-section of lower case letters. While you are looking at two different font styles, try to find their x heights. Generally, the smaller the x-height will be, the more difficult it will be to read the font. Similarly, the larger the x factor, the easier it will make the font to read on the label. 

    The Obliteration Of The “Best Font Size” Argument

    While a lot of people brag about font size questions, the OG label designers laugh at their findings. Not to be rude about it, but we know a little something that many people don’t! And we are thinking of letting the cat out of the bag just this once. Hmm!

    Okay, so do you remember the “x factor” that we discussed earlier? Well, it is the key that makes any font style readable, not the glorified “font size.”

    So, the next time someone tells you to “use 16 points” or “14 is the new 11”, manage not to laugh in their face. Now you know that telling the point font without evaluating the x factor is only telling half the story.

    Size Doesn’t Matter Much, But (Line) Length Does

    While we are on the topic, how about we dispel one more fabrication? There is more? Ha! You betcha! So, are you ready? Here you go: there is no ideal column width, too. Phew! The story is more complicated than what is shared.

    The next time you try to figure out your ideal column width, bear in mind that it is more significant to think about your customers than to measure pixels. You surely do not want your readers to tire their eyes out; rather, you want their experience to be seamless, don’t you?

    What we are trying to say is if the line of text on your clothing label possesses way too many characters, your readers might find it complicated to find their way back to the start of the next line. It can tire them out, especially if there is a lot to read. Jeez!

    Similarly, if the lines are too short, then your audience will have to keep jumping from the end of the line back to the start of the next. It can be tiring, too, no? So, what you can do is try to stay somewhere between 50 and 75 characters. And you are good to go. 

    Summing It All Up!

    So, what do you think? Did you find this guide informative? We bet you did! Feel free to use these insider font style and font size tips the next time you start designing your clothing labels. These tips and tricks will make your fonts effortless and beautiful to read! Isn’t that what you wanted?

    The best news? Customers love wearing items of clothing with nice labels on them. So, when you design your tags using these strategies, you will make your customers come back again! How wonderful! So, why are you still here? Go on and start designing your labels with the perfect typography.

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